Corporación Arca is also the sum of the aspirations and interpretations that each member of its staff has and makes for the world we want, and which they channel through a project that goes beyond their business objectives. An exceptional group of professionals who add value to the system as a whole through their talent, commitment, and constant contributions.

The strength of a cohesive team of professionals who share values, with clear and common objectives, contributes to the creation of a work environment where the cohesion of a group for which the whole is more than the sum of its parts stands out.


“We create value for a better future, imagining what kind of world we want in 100 years’ time”
Alberto Aguiar Rodríguez

Head Architect

Jorge Raya García

Architect in Charge of Projects

Alexis Llanos Gorrín

Industrial Engineer

Juan Pablo Iglesias Pacheco

Technical Architect

Abel Chinea Chinea

Technical Architect

José Luis Martín De La Riva

Technical Architect

Elena Galán Alfonso

Technical Architect / Interior Designer

Daniel Pérez López

Technical Architect / 3D Modeller

Francisco Rodríguez Rodríguez


David Rodríguez Ortiz de Lejarazu

Draughtsman / IT Manager

Leticia Dorta León

Director of Hotel Operations

Guillermo Huergo Olsen

Commercial Real Estate Manager

Sara Martín Videa

Head of Administration

J. Ernesto González Báez


Yurena Acosta Torres


Sabrina Farias Peña


Marina Ramos Medina

Administrative Assistant

Victor Manuel Martín Oramas

Head of Procurement

Florentín Elías Jorge

Administrative Assistant

Alejandro Martín Negrín

Administrative Assistant

Javier Xerach Cruz Pérez

Head of Human Resources