areco agro

We implement logical and ecological agricultural approaches.

At Corporación Arca, we promote a circular agriculture model based on regenerative agriculture.

We have broadened our views on fresh food and joined in with the structural societal changes that involve new patterns of consumption: we’ve changed feeding for nourishment.

We know we are producing in the right way.

We apply the criterion of positive impact to each stage of the production and distribution process:

– Flexible crops.
– Plantations on demand.
– Zero waste.
– Biodynamic crops.

Not only because consumers’ demand for ecological products is growing every day, but also because we fulfil our philosophy of balance, energy and resource saving.

Corporación Arca is interested in investing in these types of initiatives, projects and companies in general, as well as in organic farming companies committed to the responsible use of natural resources that also provide innovative and realistic technological solutions, respect the environment, and contribute to nature conservation.

Our philosophy is sustainability and savings on energy and resources.

Food is a necessary consumer sector, and ensuring the proper management of land, research and use of products that are harmless to living beings and, above all, the right of all consumers to obtain products that meet the ideal quality standards, is much more than an investment, it is the responsibility that Corporación Arca has both to itself and its environment.

estates in Guía de Isora

southern Tenerife

approx: 90,000 m²

In the production phase for ecological crops of avocado, mango, ginger, turmeric, various vegetables etc. First harvests for the beginning of 2022

What we offer:

Sales in both local and export markets.

Online sales.

Home delivery.

Preparation of farming facilities for training visits.

Computerised monitoring system for the agricultural process.

Sharing of experiences and knowledge with other producers.

Direct relationship with the group’s tourism projects (main supplier).

In research: renewable energy production on ecological estates.

nurseries with more than 6,000 palm trees

that produce many seeds

organic compost

Production of our own organic compost and its derivatives (own consumption and sale to third parties).