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A group that grows from a sustainable and respectful view of the planet.

We understand that innovation and entrepreneurship must be addressed according to absolute criteria that benefit and have a positive impact on society, the business network and the country.

We activate business lines that feed back on each other and that faithfully comply with environmental sustainability criteria.

Our priorities:

A conscious business

We believe in a business model in which each business line feeds back to the others and helps to evolve and revolutionise its industry. We put innovation and technology at the service of collective awareness and productivity.

Projects built around people

Real estate line

Real estate portfolio:

– Unique.
– High-quality.
– People-friendly.
– Energetically responsible.

We design, build and lease to ensure that our philosophy accompanies the real estate project throughout its entirety.

Hospitality line

Hotel projects that revolutionise luxury:

– Immersive experiences.
– Transversal and visible sustainability.
– Health is considered a priority.
– Oriented towards travellers, transcending tourism.

Hospitality line

A sustainable circular model based on regenerative agriculture:

– Flexible crops.
– Ecological and logical.
– Plantations on demand.
– Biodynamic and holistic proposals.

Power line

Smart energy that transforms:

– Agrivoltaics.
– Energy projects combined with human architecture.
– Energy that compensates and balances.
– Open to the community.

We want to enjoy your talent

We are looking for professionals capable of developing new formulas.
Better, different, innovative proposals.

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