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Unique, environmentally-friendly buildings designed with people in mind

Design, construction, and real estate management are business areas that have been in operation at Corporación Arca for a long time. Thus, thanks to the experience we have acquired and by meeting people’s needs, we are expanding our business with innovative designs and increasing technical requirements, always seeking to adapt to a changing market.

Our real estate portfolio is characterised by spaces with high architectural quality, designed for people and businesses, and responsible in their energy use.

We design, build, and maintain our assets within the group to ensure that our philosophy accompanies them throughout their entirety, and to deliver the best client experience.

We deal with investment processes that require a broad vision of the future. Our extensive experience guarantees success while providing quality to the product and security to the investment, thus increasing the value of our real estate assets.

Corporación Arca owns different real estate assets, most of them built by the company, both for lease and for sale.

We offer interesting opportunities for investors, with profitable products, and seek to be part of their expansion, collaborating in different real estate projects from the beginning.

Through our real estate department, we provide advice throughout the process of buying or leasing the relevant property.

The efficient management of a property has a direct impact on its users’ quality of life.

Corporación Arca focuses its interest on those properties that:

– Only serve the common good

– Have an extraordinary location

– Are perfect for carrying out different functions or activities

– Are architecturally rich in their own right

– Stand out for the quality of their construction, their location and the distribution of the spaces.

We know that a property is not only an asset of a company, a consortium or an individual, but the space in which hundreds of people carry out their work or live with their families on a daily basis.