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We are a corporate group that is not afraid to invest, with a collective conscience that includes you and everyone.

Corporación Arca is an investment group with international reach comprising a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals from different business sectors.

Plural, complementary and innovative. We focus our efforts and knowledge on entrepreneurship and evolution in market sectors with the greatest possibilities for sustainable growth.

We currently have projects underway in the construction, real estate, agriculture, clean energy and sustainable tourism sectors. These initiatives mature to provide experience, value and wealth for the group, and transfer new knowledge and the keys to creating new initiatives.

Each of our steps is guided by the criteria of responsibility, commitment and transparency in management.

Our vocation for improvement and reinvention leads us to invest in the future by changing the present.

We allocate part of our assets to initiatives that, while still embryonic, have the potential to become great projects, while we work with existing companies that need incentives to improve and grow.

We participate in economic sectors with great future prospects related to the preservation of the environment, the well-being of citizens, and the creation of global wealth.

Corporación Arca operates as an entity that, in addition to carrying out its own activities, participates in the capital of other companies and enterprises.

Collaboration strengthens us, broadens our horizons, and allows us to go further.

We bring our value and expertise to the table through these collaborations, which has allowed us to further expand and develop our business lines.

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