Social Responsibility.

Our purpose, raison d’être, and driving force is corporate social responsibility.

Far beyond a strategic action plan, CSR is the backbone of all our efforts united with innovation, technology, and sustainability.

Corporación Arca applies these criteria transparently and rigidly to each project it has underway. Our investments, internal management and decision-making are governed by the best practices of corporate groups.

We analyse the opportunities, the disruptive formulas and the paths untrodden in order to design new models that are more effective, efficient, and significant for everyone and everything. Models that neutralise the footprint of the most unbridled commercial activity, which is oblivious to its own impact.

Corporación Arca focuses its economic interests on creating value in the communities in which it operates and is committed to the principles of respect for the environment, the rational use of the resources it requires and its commitment to people, both the professionals who form part of the company’s staff and the users of its products and services.

Our DNA:
Analyse, Design and Neutralise.

Promote access to equitable and quality education through the financing of study grants for the most disadvantaged local groups.

Collaborate in improving access to healthcare infrastructures in developing countries, such as our recent contribution to the Naves de Esperanza NGO by means of a financial aid to purchase vehicles to transport patients.

We are an inclusive organisation through which companies create synergies to obtain better results in their projects and increase the corporation’s profits. This makes it possible to increase activity and continue to create wealth and jobs while at the same time boosting asset diversification and operations in different territories so as to achieve significant levels of competitiveness. Our commitment is firm: to allocate capital to environmental protection and social activities.

The return on investment translates into public trust in our corporation as it occupies leading positions in different markets.